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7. Brisket

Posted in Beef Cuts

This is a boneless, rather fatty roast (see why I like hump!) from the breast of the cow. This cut is usually pickled and boiled for hours to be used in one of its famous dishes as 'hot beef on rye' or 'corned beef' as some prefer to call it. Apparently it got the name 'corned beef' because the Irish practice was to cure it with corn-sized grains ofsalt probably like our kashering salt! It also makes wonderful deli pastrami and smoked brisket cold cuts.
Stewing beef, Brisket fat, Deboned Brisket, Deboned Brisket Roll & Roast

Stewing Beef
Beef Fore Quarter sliced into ± 15mm slices
Light red to dark red meat with visible white fat.

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Brisket sliced into ± 15 mm slices.
Light red to dark red meat with visible white fat.


Deboned Brisket 


Deboned Brisket Roll 


Brisket Roast


Brisket Fat